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ABBAtalk began in March 2013 with my good friend Mike and, four months later, we held our first event in London. Entitled 'ABBAdance', our disco/party attracted attendees from across the UK, Europe and even Australia! A year later, we held another; 'ABBAdance Vol. 2' celebrated the new release 'ABBA Live At Wembley Arena'.

Also in 2014, we were proud to host the worldwide launch of ABBA historian Carl Magnus Palm's heavily updated biography 'Brights Lights Dark Shadows'. Carl Magnus gave new insights into ABBA's music and played clips of previously unheard interviews with Björn, Benny and Frida before answering fans' questions and signing copies of the book. The event was filmed and clips will be published later this year.

Our aims are to be fun and factual. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and join our 6000+ members for lively discussion on Facebook.

London, October 2014



Hi everyone! I was born too late to see ABBA during their heyday, but I've been a fan since receiving ABBA Gold for Christmas '98. I designed this website and I publish the latest news to Twitter. Thanks for dropping by!

Chris Williams

Hello! When we started ABBAtalk we never imagined it would grow so quickly. You'll find me on the Facebook group and taking care of our Instagram account - Follow for your daily spoonful of ABBA!

Mike Dudley

Hi! I help with Twitter and the Facebook group. My first encounter with ABBA was watching 'A for ABBA' on BBC TV in 1993. I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don't think about ABBA!

Gareth Jones

G'day! I've been an ABBAtalk member from the beginning and recently started helping out with the Facebook group. Alongside Chris, I interviewed Carl Magnus Palm on stage in 2014.

Trent Nickson



For me, ABBAtalk is the best
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I love reading other fans' stories,
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ABBAtalk is awesome.
It's got everything in one place!

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I check ABBAtalk everday,
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Martin, Switzerland

More than 6000 fans
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Modern, innovative and fits in
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Sam, Wales